Decision Making and Power Relationships

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  • Decision Making and Power Relationships
    • Inequality in the home can also be linked to domestic violence and power relationships
    • Edgell (1980)
      • Very important decisions
        • Job change, house move, etc
        • Joint but husband has the final say
      • Important decisions
        • Child's education, holiday destinations
        • Joint, but never the wife alone
      • Less important decisions
        • Home decor, food purchases, clothing, etc
        • Wife alone
    • Domestic Violence
      • Demonstrates unequal power within the home
      • 1 in 4 women will suffer domestic violence in their lifetime
      • 2 women per week are killed by a partner in the UK
    • Dobash and Dobash
      • Police don't take violent crime towards wives by husbands seriously
      • 1991 Marital **** Law
    • Stanko (2000)
      • A woman is killed by a partner or ex every 3 days in the UK


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