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    • Lady Macbeth
      • 'look like th'innocent flower but be the serpent under't'
      • 'sleek o'er your rugged looks'
      • 'be bright and jovial'
      • 'help me, hence, ho'
      • 'my lord is thus and has been since his youth'
      • 'are you a man?'
      • 'I would while he was smiling in my face, pluck'd my ****** from his boneless gums and dash'd the brains out'
      • 'was the hope drunk'
      • 'it is the painted devil'
    • Witches
      • 'none born of woman shall harm macbeth'
      • 'hail macbeth king hereafter'
      • 'beware Macduff'
      • 'fair is foul, and foul is fair'
      • 'great yet not so great'
      • 'birnham wood comes to dunsinane castle'
    • Macbeth
      • 'fail not our feast'
      • 'we shall go no further in this business'
      • 'be innocent of the knowledge dearest chuck'
      • making the murderers think Banquo is causing them problems
      • 'his wife, his babes'
      • killing duncans chamberlains


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