Debussy- Sarabande

- Harmony

- Melody

- Texture

- Structure

- Tonality

- Rhythm and Metre

- Performing Forces and Handling

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  • Debussy
    • Harmony
      • Generally non-functional
      • Systematic parallelism and chord streams
      • Parallel 5ths and 8ves used
      • Seventh chords that don't need preparation or resolution
      • Few ninth chords (Bar 11, quaver beat 3)
      • Quartal harmony- based on superimposed 4ths instead of superimposed 3rds
    • Melody
      • Mostly conjunct movement with small leaps of a 3rd or 4th
      • Narrow movement in the melody
    • Texture
      • Almost entirely homophonic with much parallelism
      • Some melody- dominated homophony
      • Homorhythm/ chordal writing at beginning
      • 3 short octave passages provide contrast
    • Structure
      • Doesn't fit traditional form
      • Section A, B Av- could be ternary/ binary or rondo form
      • Coda
      • Repetition with slight embellishment (Bars 1-4)
      • Periodic phrasing
    • Tonality
      • Aeolian mode of C sharp minor
      • Tonal ambiguity
      • First section has clear tonal contrast- suggests G# aeolian minor or D# aeolian minor (ambiguous)
      • Second section shifts a minor 3rd to suggest E aeolian minor then strong tonal contrast (maybe A# aeolian minor) then modal F# minor
      • Repeat of opening- 1st chord is D major- key not clear
        • New material tonally complex and ambiguous
    • Rhythm and Metre
      • Simple triple time
      • Second beat emphasised in many bars
      • Continuous quaver chords (chord streams)
      • Two semiquaver- quaver figures (Bar 5)
      • Triplet quavers- in melody at the start
    • Performing Forces and Handling
      • Wide range- several very low C#'s to E over 5 octaves higher
        • Some left-hand chords extend to well over and octave and have to be spread (Bar 19)


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