Dept Abolition and Conservation Swaps - Costa Rica and USA

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  • Debt Abolition and Conservation Swaps - Costa Rica and USA
    • Benefits for Costa Rica
      • Less dept to pay
      • Can spend more money on development - healthcare, education
        • So people can have a better standard of living - get better jobs
          • More people paying TAX which can be reinvested into the country
    • Benefits for USA
      • Costa Rica begin to pay more dept off - possibly due to their new ecotourism scheme
      • Mot of Costa Rica's money goes to MNC's which come from MEDC'S so they develop
        • Particularly chemical / pharmaceutical companies which produce medicines and sell them - MNC - MEDC
      • Very good reputation for the country
      • Sometimes agreements are made for trade between the two countries
    • What happened?
      • Costa Rica has huge areas of tropical rainforest - some of the most biodiverse environments in the world
      • In 2007, Costa Rica's dept to the USA was $90million
      • Costa Rica agreed to spend $26million to increase the area of protected forest, support local communities and encourage ecotourism
      • In return the US Government and conservation groups will cut Costa Rica's depts by the same sum




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