Debates within Psychology

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  • Debates within Psychology.
    • Nurture VS Nature.
      • Nature - See's genetics, biological facts as explanations for thinking and behaviours.
      • Nurture - Sees behaviour as learnt or gained from experiences.
      • Interactionist - accepts both nurture and nature are the reason for our behavior.
    • Free will VS Determinism
      • Free will - human beings are totally free to act as they choose and are responsible for the outcome of their actions.
      • Determinism - Suggest we lack control of our behaviour and are controlled by our gene and past experiences.
    • Reductionism VS Holism
      • Reductionism - Attempts to break down behaviour into single factors, such as individual gene.
      • Holism - Sees behaviour as too complex to reduce down to one single factor.
    • Individual VS Situational explanations
      • Individual - looks at person as the cause of behaviour, like their personalities/disposition.
      • Situational - draws on circumstance around individuals, for example, their group membership or environmental context.
    • Usefulness VS Research
      • Useful - research that adds to our knowledge and can be applied to real life situations.
      • Limited usefulness - research may lack credibility or be difficult to apple outside of the research setting.


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