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  • Issues and Debates
    • Nature e.g. innate, bio/genetic factors, heredity e.g. Bowlby and attachment
      • Epigenetics: a change in our genetic activity without changing our genetic code. Caused by an interaction with the environment.
        • +PA: nurture, behaviour shaping treatment, extreme?
          • Difficult to prove genetic influences: MZ twins are not identical create their own microenvironment that interacts with their genes. Differences before birth- non conclusive
            • Negative implications - if IQ is inherited then education cannot increase IQ scores. Some said education for this with low IQ is a waste of resources
    • Determinism
      • Biological e.g OCD,CCR or biochemical e.g. serotonin  levels in depression sufferers
        • +Treatments: predict and control behaviour -SSR's CBT.
          • -Excuse: Stephen Mobbely - Murderer
      • Environmental e.g cc and opt phobias.
      • Psychic - childhood slip of tongue (Freud)
      • Soft: SLT
      • Hard:Science
    • Free Will e.g humanism
      • +good mental health, Roberts et al. LOC better, fatalism- depression
        • -Neurologial evidence: button pressing determined by brain 10 secs before aware.
    • Nurture: product of environment e.g food and attachment
      • Nurture can affect nature- Mcguire et al found taxi drivers learning affected neuroplasicity


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