Death Of A Salesman Quotes:

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  • Death Of A Salesman Quotes:
    • 'He may not be the greatest man who ever lived, but he's human'
    • 'He's just some guy'
    • 'Angry glow of orange'
    • 'Blue of night'
    • 'Blue light of the sky'
    • 'Biff is a lazy bum'
    • 'In the greatest country in the world, a young man with such- personal attractiveness- gets lost'
    • 'Don't go Ben 'You're just what I need' 'Tell more about Dad'
    • 'why am I always being contradicted?'
    • 'Would you let me talk?'
    • 'There's not a breath of fresh air in this neighbourhood. The grass doesn't grow anymore!'
    • He like his brother is lost, but in a different way... although seemingly more content'
    • 'You're well liked'
    • 'Be liked and you will never want'
    • 'He's too rough with the girls, Willy. All the mothers are scared of him!'
    • 'exploding at her' 'Linda, almost in tears'
    • 'I'm tired to the death'
    • 'What a memory Ben'
    • 'My boys- they'd jump into the jaws of hell for me'


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