behaviour modification in custody

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  • Dealing With Offending Behaviour: Behaviour Modification In Custody
    • Behaviourist Approach
      • Behaviour is learned and should therefore be able to be unlearned
      • Behaviour modification programmes reinforce positive behaviour and punish negative behaviour in hopes of extinction
    • Token Economy
      • Reinforce desirable behaviour
      • Managed by prison staff
      • Based on operant conditioning
        • Good behaviour is reinforced with tokens which can be exchange for items or opportunities
      • Secondary reinforcers and can be removed for disobedience (punishment)
    • Desirable behaviour is identified and broken down into small steps and a baseline measure is established
      • Being polite is broken down into: not raising your voice, have a conversation etc
      • Prison officers rate prisoners behaviour and decide if they deserve tokens or not
    • Prison staff agree on the identified behaviours to be reinforced
      • Everyone that comes into contact with the prisoners must follow the same regime of selective reinforcement
        • Rewards must be consistent


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