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  • De-individuation
    • Zimbardo (1969)
      • Other 1/2 wore normal clothes, mane tags and saw each other when giving shocks
      • 1/2 wore lab coats and hoods that hid their faces + weren't called by their names
      • Hooded Ps held the shock buttons for 2x as long as other Ps
      • Groups of 4 female uni students had to give electric shocks to aid learning
    • Evaluation
      • Inconclusive - Postmes +Spears saw that in big groups found that ASB is not more common.
      • Anonymity - Rehm saw same shirt handball team were more aggr than different shirt team = anonymity
      • Real World App - Mann found that in 21 suicide jumps 10 of the cases a crowd gather and baiting occurred = less guilt/
      • Gender - Cannavale found that M&F respond diff to de-ind. More aggr in all M groups
      • Culture - Robert Watson looked at warrior tribes and appearance changes before war. More changes = more aggr.
    • Zimbardo said that in large groups people feel anonymous + feel no impact of their actions
    • It is where people have lower levels of self-evaluation + concerns about other evaluation
    • Standford Prison Exp - guards wore mirrored sun glasses = more anonymity + less guilt


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