De Beers Diamonds

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  • De Beers Diamonds in Africa
    • facts
      • created in 1880 by Cecil Rhodes
      • created during the South African diamond rush in the Kimberley area
      • at one time it controlled 60-80% of all the worlds diamonds
      • diamonds are rare, high value low weight and localised at origin
    • influencing the output
      • developing new mines by creating joint govenments Eg Botswana
      • developing in new areas of production Eg in Canada
      • it controlls its own output from its mines
      • focuses on quality not quantity
      • it controlls the sorting and cutting and has 40% of global output
    • influencing demand
      • uses marketing- slogan 'A diamond is forever' made in 1947
      • placing extensive advertising in quality media
      • diversifying the market by introducing eternity rings
      • guaranteeing the diamonds are not 'conflict diamond' they do not pay for wars
      • they keep the prices high so they seem exclusive
      • emplys over 20,000 people and has sales of over $6 billion a year


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