Day care

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  • Daycare
    • Temporary care for children by someone who isn't a parent or guardian.
    • Clarke-Steward
      • Peer relations of 150 children ages 2-3 years.
        • Good at coping with social situations and negotiating with each other.
      • Attachment strength of 18 month old.
        • At least  30 hours a week.
          • Strength of attachment is not affected by this temporary seperation
      • Low egological validity so cannot be generalised
    • Shea
      • Infants between 3-4 years were recorded in the playground during first 10 weeks at nursery.
        • Interactions with peers increased while distance from the teacher decreased
          • Aggression levels also decreased.
      • High ecological validity due to naturalistic observation but results may have been affected by EV's


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