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  • Day Trip For Young Adults
    • Respect
      • Lay out rules for staff and young people for the day
      • Use appropriate language when talking to young people
    • Person Centred Care
      • Ensure Activity is Age Appropriate
      • Ensure access for young people with physical or emotional difficulties
    • Confidentiality
      • All emergency contact and medical information is kept in a secure way by a member of staff
      • Information is only kept in line with the Data Protection Act
      • If using a tablet or similar device to keep information ensure that it is charged and password protected
    • Duty of Care
      • Ensure that any young people who need assistance are catered for
      • Arrange access arngements with venue in advance
    • Dignity
      • If medication is needed it is administered in a subtle way
      • Ask young people what kind of activity they would want to do
    • Safeguarding
      • Ensure thourough risk assement is completed before trip
      • Ensure everyone attending has relevant permssions and emergency contact information
      • Any medications required are signed for
      • Regularly take head count whilst on the trip
      • Ensure emergency meeting place is set at the beginning of the trip and emergency mobile number is given to young people


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