Day Care Research - Evaluation

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  • Day Care Research - Evaluation
    • Shea
      • High ecological validity
        • Naturalistic observation
          • Video tape means it still has high control as can go back and re-watch things missed
        • Videotaped so children dont behave differently as don't know are being observed
      • Reliability
        • Videotaped so lots of researchers can check inter-rater reliability
        • Reliable means results meaningful beyond study
      • Long-term study
        • Avoids participant variables
        • Can study change over time
        • Results take a long time to collect
    • Di Lalla
      • Low ecological validity
        • Based in lab - conditions artificial
          • Only played for 20 mins
          • Children didn't know each other
        • Knew were being observed - behaved differently
        • May be reacting to new environment and strangers
          • low internal validity
      • Correlational evidence
      • Collection of data
        • Used rating scales - different researchers interpret differently
          • Results less reliable
    • EPPE
      • Large sample size (3000)
        • Makes results more representative of a wider population
        • More chance there was a variety of children from different backgrounds
      • Triangulation of data (used many different methods)
        • Increases reliability and validity
        • But unclear on how were operationalised so may be unreliable
    • Research outlines mind map


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