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  • Day care
    • The care of a child during the day, by someone other can their legal guardians
    • Aggression: NICHD
      • Longitudinal study to investigate the aspects of child development
      • Over 100 children from 10 different areas
      • Children and parents assessed at regular intervals
      • When cohort were studied at age 5, more time spent in day care, more adults rated them as aggressive
      • Children in full time day care were 3 times more likely to show behaviour problems.
    • Peer relations
      • The minnesota longitudinal study found that secure attachment is linked with better peer relations because they go on to be more popular
      • but children in day care are less likely to be securely attached
      • Belsky and Levine assessed attachment in infants who spent more than 20 hours a week in day care and they were more likely to be insecurely attached


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