Day Care

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  • Day Care
    • Daycare is a form of temporary care where a child is looked after often because the childs parents are at work
    • Nursery based care
      • Parents pay fees for their children of 3 or under to be taken care of by trained staff
    • Family based care
      • Child is looked after by a child minder in their own home, they are checked by ofted
      • Or there are sometimes more informal ones. Family members take care of the child and are not required to be checked by ofted
    • effects of day care on social development
      • Campbell, Lamb and Hwang
        • Aim- to see how daycare and home care effects the social development of a child
        • Procedure-followed children who attended daycare from 18months to 3 1/2 yeards old and a group of who stayed at home with parents
        • They were compared in terms of social skills at 18 months, 2.5 yeards, 3.5 years, 6.5, 8.5 and 15 years of age
        • Those who spent lng hours at the same day ccare had less social skills than those who spent most days but fewer hours
          • Day care facilities have a big impact on the childs social developmetn
          • Those at better quality daycare had better social skills
    • Effects of day care on aggression
      • Borge et al
        • Mothers were asked to answer a questionaires relating to level of aggression from those at home and daycare
        • They found a lot higher level of aggression in cildren who had stayed at home


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