Dawlish Warren GCSE Case study

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  • Changes to Dawlish Warren sand spit
    • Background
      • Located in Devon
      • Designated a Local Nature Reserve providing a unique habitat for a range of birds and plants
      • Popular tourist destination
    • Physical factors changing the spit
      • Changed due to deposition and erosion
      • Erosion has caused the spit to retreat
    • Human factors changing the spit
      • Sea defences have been built eg. rock armour and wooden groynes
      • Further erosion from storms led to a 300m concrete sea wall being built and 18 groynes
    • Protecting the spit for the future
      • Sea level rise and more storms have led to a greater need to protect the spit
      • The Environment Agency and Local Council are opting for a 'Hold the Line' scheme. By maintaining and adding sea defences
      • The £14 million scheme will help to protect 2900 properties
    • The environmental impact of coastal defences
      • Coastal defences stop natural processes
      • Sand is no longer being added to the spit and the salt marsh is not growing


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