Dawes Plan - 1924

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  • Dawes Plan 1924
    • 5 Nations were represented on it.
    • Became clear Weimar couldn't pay reparations. So they realised they needed to boost Germany's economy in order to hope for payment.
    • America payed Germany to kick start economy.
    • Payments were changed to be cheaper, but it was still hoped that Germany could pay 1 billion marks.
    • The involvement of the USA calmed nerves.
    • Main problem was it was only a short-term solution.
    • Country was in poor economic circumstances caused by French occupation of the Ruhr.
    • UK and France realised they needed to keep Germany stable.
    • Formulated to take Weimar Germany out of hyperinflation.
    • Wanted to return economy to a form of stability.
    • Got name from American Head of Economy, Charles Dawes.




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