database terminology

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  • database terminology
    • entity
      • name of anything data is stored about
      • table name is an entity
    • attribute
      • describes properties of an entity
      • E.g the entity 'customer' would have attributes like forename, surname and phone number
    • table
      • contains data about a particular entity
      • made of records and fields
      • features of a table
        • unique name
        • unique field names
        • each data item in a field contains a single data item
    • record
      • single row in a table
      • collection of data about a single item
      • made of fields containing different data types
    • field
      • single column in a table
      • individual data item in a record
      • has its own data type
    • primary key
      • field that allows each record to be unique
      • ID is a primary key as it is different for each record
      • single primary key contains 1 field
      • compound primary key made of more than 1 field to make a unique value
    • foreign key
      • links tables together
      • field in 1 table that's linked to a primary key in another table
      • data types in both fields must be the same


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