data validation and verification

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  • data verification and validation
    • checks
      • type check
        • If you only want one type of data to be entered.
      • range check
        • When you want to make sure that the data typed is within a range
      • presence check
        • When you want to make it compulsory that certain data is entered
      • picture of format check
        • When you want to make sure that numbers and letters are in the right format
      • check digit
        • you want to check a range of numbers have been entered correctly 
    • entering data twice
      • You enter the data twice so that the computer can check that the two sets of data match.
        • Disadvantages.. Its time consuming for large amounts of data You could enter a wrong piece of data twice
    • checking against a hard copy
      • This is when you manually check the computer screen against a hard copy of the data, looking for mistakes.
        • Disadvantage Very time consuming Difficult to move eyes between large amounts of data on the screen and on paper
    • comparing two hard copies
      • Print out a copy of the new data and check it against the original copy. This is similar to checking against a computer screen but may be easier and they can be put close together and compared.
        • Disadvantages: Easy to miss mistakes Time consuming


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