3.1.1 ICT Data and information

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  • Data
    • Data is unprocess, it can be anything from letters, sound and more. E.g. 90830, it has no current meaning.
    • Information
      • To become information is it data that has been described
      • We need: structure, context and meaning to become information. The more of these added the more it becomes information and less data
        • Structure, data gets structure through its presentation e.g. data 090816, structure 09/08/16
        • Context, data gets context through its interpretation e.g. 02-05-81 is a european date, B75 2NB is  a UK postcode.
        • Meaning, gives us meaning to the data which can be used e.g. 02-05-81 is a european data which can be someone's birthday.
        • Formula,  Data + Meaning = information, e.g. 210682 + Prince Williams date of birth = information
        • Meaning = Structure + Context
    • Methods of conveying information
      • Text
      • Images
      • Media
      • Sound
      • LED (Light emitting diodes) e.g. tv on blue light, tv off red light
      • Animation
    • Knowledge
      • Knowledge is understanding information give in a situation e.g John = 25, Sam = 14. Sam is the youngest, that is knowledge.
      • Applying more information to the already given information makes it knowledge
      • Knowledge is what a person knows e.g it is hot this weekend I will buy barbecue food, knowledge is learned through experience and education.
      • Knowledge is based on rules e.g. the person with the fastest time wins the race


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