Darwinism criticisms

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  • Darwinism criticisms
    • Alfred wallace
      • Came to similar conclusion about evolution through his own work
    • Bishop wilberforce
      • No immediate evidence to show that even domesticated animals, there was a change in their species
        • "Is it credible that all favourable varieties of turnips are tending to become men"
    • Henri Bergson
      • There was a "life force" guiding the evolutionary process
    • Sir Charles Lyell
      • Supported that the world is in a continuous process of change
    • T.H.Huxley
      • A humanist and opposed the view that humans and animals were created as a fixed created species
    • Karl Rahner
      • Human beings are made wholly by evolution and also wholly by God
        • Evolution is seen as the mechanism through which God operates
    • Parley and Aquinas
      • Design in the universe is too complex for it to happen by chance or through evolution. It is a result of the work of god
    • Creationists
      • Use the bible to interpret the chronology of the earth
        • James Ussher in the 18th century estimated that creation took place on 23rd October 4004BC


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