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  • Darius
    • Diplomatic
      • Gives letters to Alexander offering territory west of Euphrates, 10,000 and a daughter in marriage
    • Poor strategist
      • Arrian night before Gaugamela, keeps army in battle stations overnight
        • Infantry rear, preventing cavalry charge at Granicus. Arrian
          • Levels ground scythe chariots,  Issus (Ar)
      • Sent too much of army to left at Gaugamela, left gaps (AR)
    • Weak and melodramatic
      • Did I not suffer a greater misfortune when she was alive? Can't believe servant  Alex was kind to his wife at her death - Plut
      • 'On edge since battle began' Arrian (sleep) and Plut - fleed due to sights, bodies in way of chariot. Gaugamela
      • First to run at Issus, Gaugamela, often leaves shield arrows bow - no concern for warrior status (AP)
    • Unlucky
      • Egypt revolt, did not go to Graicus
        • Last few Kings forcibly removed by Bagoas, felt he couldn't leave Babylon?
    • Ephete
      • Handsome at Gaugamela  Plutarch
    • Foil
      • Letters - Alex's pothos, melodrama counteracts cruel nature at Gaza, Tyre


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