The Crucible: Character Profile - Judge Danforth

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  • Danforth
    • First impression (Act 3)
      • "You will keep your seat"
        • Demanding, an authority figure.
        • Uses imperatives.
        • Has presence, control.
        • It is expected that Danforth will control the situation.
        • Sets the tone for the rest of the act.
    • Godly (Act 3)
      • "Now children, this is a court of law. The law, based upon the Bible, and the Bible, writ by Almighty God, forbid the practice of witchcraft, and describe death as the penalty thereof."
        • Implies that his work is the work of God.
        • What he does cannot be wrong.
        • Maintains his authority as a man doing God's work.
        • Gains respect.
        • Intimidating.
    • Can be manipulated (Act 3)
      • "Child I do not mistrust you"
        • Abigail has manipulated him.
        • He has a weakness.
        • Contradicts the audience's previous perception.
        • Abigail's idea has worked.
    • Maintains reputation (Act 4)
      • "There will be no postponement"
        • Cares more about his reputation than anything else.
        • Seals everyone's fate - power over people.
        • Condemns everyone.
        • Knows that the accusations were lies.
        • Proud and embarrassed.
    • Last impression (Act 4)
      • "Hang them high over the town"
        • Hasn't developed through the play.
        • Still only cares about himself.
        • Doesn't want to admit he is wrong.
        • Ends up looking stupid anyway.
    • Who is he?
      • The Deputy Governor of Massachusetts
        • Very important and powerful.
        • Is the main judge.
      • He has "an exact loyalty to his position and his cause"
        • He completely believes in what he is doing and wants to find people guilty because it supports his beliefs.
        • Narrow minded.
      • "a man of humour and sophistication"
        • These qualities are buried by loyalty to his job.
      • He is intelligent and experienced.
        • Makes the fact that he's taken in by the girls' accusations even more frightening.
      • Identifies so strongly with the court that he sees any attack on it as an attack on himself.
    • Arrogant
      • "Do you know who I am, Mr Nurse?"
        • Convinced of his own importance.
        • So certain that he's right and doesn't like being questioned.
      • Refuses to see the girls are lying.
        • Too arrogant to admit that they've fooled him.


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