GCSE Dance- Nutcracker! and Ghost Dances

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  • Dance
    • Ghost Dances
      • Company: Rambert dance company
      • First performance: 3 July, 1981
      • Style: Contemporary, Folk and social style
      • Choreographic style: Thematic and episodic with narrative elements, strong characterisation
      • Theme: Political oppression/ tragedy in Chille
      • Structure: seven sections, each characterised by different piece of music or song
      • Starting point: The music and South American rituals and culture
      • Dancers: 5 Women and 6 Men
      • Accompaniment: South American songs and folk music by Inti- illamani and wind effects
      • Costumes by Belinda Scarlett
      • Lighting by Nick Chelton
      • Set by Christopher Bruce
      • Staging: Proscenium
      • Choreographer: Christopher Bruce
    • Nutcracker!
      • Choreographer: Matthew Bourne
      • Company: New adventures
      • First performance: August 1992
      • Dance style: Contemporary Ballet
      • Choreographic style: A reworking of a traditional Ballet narrative and comic. Influenced by film and theatre.
      • Theme: The nutcracker story retold with references to fantasy
      • Starting point: The classical Ballet and the music. Images of Victorian childhood
      • Structure: Two acts with nine episodes
      • Dancers: 24
      • Accompaniment: Pyotr llyich Tchaikovsky
      • Costume and set by Anthony Ward
      • Lighting by Howard Harrison
      • Staging: Proscenium
      • Scenario by Matthew Bourne and Martin Duncan


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