Daisy- Core Practical

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  • Daisy- Core Practical
    • Variables
      • Independent
        • Light intensity
      • Dependent
        • The number of Daisies in the area
      • Control
        • Temperature
        • H20 content of the soil
        • pH
        • Nutrients in soil
        • C02 concentration
        • All of these affect plant growth due to photosynthesis
    • Equipment
      • Quadrat
      • Lux metre
      • pH metre
    • Method
      • 1. Go outside to the chosen test area and make sure there are areas of light and shade
      • 2. Through the quadrate to a random spot in the test area
      • 3. Where the quadrate lands measure light intensity, temperature and pH levels in the area
      • 4. Count the number of Daisies in the quadrate
      • 5.Repeat this a minimum of 10 times in the light and shade


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