Daily Hassles and Uplifts Mindmap

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  • Daily Hassles
    • Daily hassles are irritants, minor things that annoy or bother you, such as misplacing things.
    • Daily uplifts are events that make you feel good, joyful or satisfied, such as praise or physical appearance.
    • Kanner et al designed a daily hassles and uplifts scale
    • Kanner performed a study on 100 men and women aged 45 - 64 over 12 months. They confirmed through the scale that hassles are correlated with a more powerful predictor of illness than life events.
    • Not fully representative as it is a small sample size only done on a certain age range.
    • De Longis et al carried out a study on 75 married couples by giving them a questionnaire on life changes as well as Daily Hassles and Uplifts scale.
      • It was found that there was no relationship between life events and health or between daily hassles or uplifts and health, indicating stress is not directly linked with illness.
        • Although, daily hassles did seem to be associated with next-day illness.
    • Evaluation Points
      • It does not take into account the impact upon critical life events that an individual has experienced.
      • It does not differentiate between long term hassles like lack of finance or short term stressors like not being able to find a parking space.


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