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  • Czechoslovakia
    • Why did Hitler want  the Sudetenland?
      • It contained 3.25 million Germans --> 'self-determination'
      • Plenty of resources e.g. coal mines, steel plants, power stations, engineering factories such as Skoda
      • To lessen the threat of Czechoslovakia in a war
    • Munich Conference
      • September 1938
      • Chamberlain, Daladier, Mussolini and Hitler met they agreed to Hitler's demands. They let Hitler take over the Sudetenland land
      • The USSR was uninvited which pushed Stalin closer to Hitler
      • Czechoslovakia was not invited
    • Berchtesgaden (Hitler's mountain resort). Chamberlain met with Hitler where Hitler demanded for the Sudetenland. Chamberlain agreed, but it was to be done peacefully.
    • Bad Godesberg: Chamberlain flew back to Germany. Hitler made new demands
      • Germany should be able to have the Sudetenland immediately
      • Extra areas of Czechoslovakia should vote as to whether to become part of Germany too
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