Cystic Fybrosis

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  • Cystic Fybrosis
    • Causes
      • caused by a mutation in a gene called cystic fybrosis trans membrane conductance regulator found on chromosome seven.
      • the genes function is to create sweat, mucus and digestive juices
      • It is hereditary so a child can be born with it if both parents are carriers of the altered genes.
    • Symptoms
      • A troublesome cough
      • Repeated chest infections
      • prolonged diarrhoea
      • Poor weight gain
      • Large smelly stools
    • Treatment
      • Daily physiotherapy
      • Exercise
      • Lung Transplant
      • Nutrition
      • Medication
        • Bronchodilators to help breathing become easier
        • Antibiotics to fight lung infections
        • vaccinations and flu jabs
        • Corticosteriods to reduce swelling of airways
    • people with cf are more at risk of...
      • Diabetes
      • Sinusitis
      • Arthiritus
      • Hay fever
      • Incontenance
      • Liver problems


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