quick mind map showing how cyclotron works. c

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  • Cyclotrons
    • centripetal force
      • velocity is both a speed and a direction
      • an object travelling in a circle is constantly changing direction
        • therefore it is accelerating
          • so a resultant force must be acting on it
            • the force that keeps something moving in a circle is called centripetal force.
    • a charged particle in a magnetic field will experience a force
      • the direcction of the force on a particle depends on its charge
        • positive and negative travel in opposite directs away from each other as the force acts on opposits sides.
          • Untitled
      • not normally neat circular patterns
        • the particles move in spirals- as they lose energy and slow down and interact with other particles
          • less energy means that they woukld have a more curved path
      • magnetic fields are used to make particles move in a circular or spiral pattern
        • in particle accelerators e.g. cyclotrons
    • cyclotron is a particle accelerator
      • uses a magnetic field to accelerate particles
        • charged particles start at the centre of the cyclotron
          • uses two hollow semicircular electrodes to accelerate the particle across a gap
            • alternating potential difference between the electrodes: attracts particles from one side to the other.
              • so their energy increases
                • magnetic field keeps particles moving in a circular motion
                  • it makes the particles spiral outwards as their energies increase.


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