Custodial Sentencing

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  • Custodial Sentencing
    • Key Terms
      • Probation
        • Release on certain terms
      • Custodial Sentencing
        • Being incarcerated
      • Recidivism
        • Reoffending
    • Aims of Sentencing
      • Rehabilitation
        • To cure offender from deviance e.g. Drugs
      • Deterrance
        • Prevention for committing or recommitting crime
      • Retribution
        • Punishment. The more serious the crime, the harsher the punishment
      • Protection From Society
        • Serious offenders should be kept away from the public
      • Managed to resist the sort of situational pressures that Zimbardo's participants succumbed to
    • Recidivism & Planned return to society programmes
      • Without planned return to society, prison can seem to be an easier way of life
      • 65% of prisoners re-offend within 2 years of being released. 18-20's rises to 70%
      • Prison's record of reducing recidivism is poor
      • GILLIS & NAPER
        • You offer prisoners behavioural control over their lives by finding them work
    • Overcrowding
      • Prisoners from overcrowded prisons are more likely to re-offend
      • Prisoners need new skills before leaving
        • Some prisoners have Maths and English skills on an 11 year old
    • Statistics
      • UK prison population= 85348
      • Capacity of UK jails= 87902
      • Males in jail= 81524
      • Females in jail= 3824
      • Prisoner cost= £40000 per year


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