Current Account

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  • Current Account
    • Types of Account
      • Standard Account
        • No charges on credit balance
        • Potential high charges on use of overdraft
      • Student Account
        • Course fees and loans can easily be budgeted
        • Charges for overspending are very high
      • Basic Account
        • Available to costumers with low credit rating
        • Limited features
      • Premium Account
        • No charges on credit balance
        • Monthly charge is applied
    • Features of Current Accounts
      • Interest on positive balance
        • Money will be given to the account owner as a reward for keeping their money in the account but only a small percentage
      • Overdraft Limit
        • Account has a set amount of money in which can be withdrawn from the account in case account has no money and no charge is put
      • Charge on unauthorised overdraft
        • Some money has to be payed as overdraft has been passed and more money was used than it should have


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