Curleys Wife Of mice and men

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  • Curley's Wife
    • lonely
      • craves attention
        • wears red clothes and makeup to attract attention and to give people an impression
      • "ain't i got a right to talk to nobody."
    • has a DREAM
      • wants to be in Hollywood (superstar)
        • holds on to a unrealistic dream
        • nothing else is important or exciting to look forward to or furfill her life
    • tart
      • "well i think Curleys married.. a tart."
    • tramp
      • "Jesus what a tramp".. "Don't even take a look at that *****." " i never seen a piece of ********* worse than her." (prostitute) said by George
    • no name
      • always referred to as Curleys Wife
      • is not as equal as everyone else. (discriminated)
      • hiden behind Curley


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