Of Mice and Men - Literature Exam Curley's wife notes

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  • Curley's Wife
    • Loneliness
      • No name given - friendless and remote, merely a possession
      • All workers stay away from her because socialising with her would result in trouble with Curley
      • Always "lookin' for Curley" when she is really just seeking company
      • Confides in Lennie about loneliness - "I ain't got nobody to talk to"
    • Dreams
      • Unattainable dream of becoming a movie star
      • Married Curley to escape home life - didn't fulfill dreams
      • Man said she was a "natural" - naive, trusting of others
      • Could've been "in the pitchers"
      • Confides in Lennie about dream - "small gesture" to show she can act
    • Historical & Social Context
      • Historical context: patriarchal, male-dominated society during 1930's America. Only woman on all man ranch
      • Social context: Objectifying of women, the American Dream
    • Appearance
      • "full, rouged lips"
      • "sausage curls"
      • "body thrown forward"
      • "nasal, brittle quality" to her voice
      • "red fingernails"
      • Red colours symbolise temptation and foreshadow danger - a temptress
    • Death
      • Image of peace and quiet in the barn upon her death
      • "meanness", "planning", "discontent" and "ACHE for attention" gone from her face
      • "sleeping very lightly" - euphemism for being at peace
      • Stress of life gone - "sweet" and "simple" death
      • "dead GIRL" - only very young, youthful image
    • Other characters POV
      • Curley
        • "Curley's wife" - his possession - trophy wife
        • "glove fulla Vaseline" - wife used at sexual object
        • Broken records - dysfunctional marriage
        • Insecure about marriage to her, always asking where she is
      • Candy
        • "I think Curley's married...a tart"
        • Blames her for ruining his dreams after she dies
          • said VICIOUSLY - "goddamn tramp" "lousy tart"
      • Lennie
        • "She's purty"
          • George - "leave her be" know she means danger to Lennie
      • Slim
        • "I seen her give Slim the eye" - CW interested, he is not


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