Curleys Wife Analysis

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  • Curley's Wife
    • Tarty, leans up door of bunk house pushing her chest out. "Nobody can blame a person for lookin'" - flirtatious
    • ********* - likes men's attention.
    • Knows Curley is at the brothel, but she goes and "looks" for him anyway - just wants attention or company?
    • "Her face was heavily made up" she was only looking for her husband on the ranch.
    • Gets on well with men when they're on their own, when the men are in groups, they aren't very nice about Curleys wife.
    • Doesn't really like Curley that much, she says to Lennie that he deserved to have his hand crushed by him.
    • Wanted to be famous.
    • Lonely and isolated, there's only men on the ranch and Curley doesn't like her speaking to them.
    • Flirtatious with Lennie
    • Belittles Crooks, says she could get him strung up.
    • When she is in her final scene with Lennie we see a softer, kinder side to Curleys Wife, that life hasn't been that easy for her.
    • In denial about being contacted when younger to be in a film "I never got that letter, i always thought my ol' lady stole it.


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