Curley's Wife Quote Analysis

Pages 84-84 (near end of chapter 4... in crooks room)

Varied interpretations

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  • Curley's Wife Page 84-5
    • Starts with question
      • Large proportion of dialogue is questions
        • Questionable character
          • Don't know much about her
            • real name? only referred to as curlys wife= possession
            • background info
        • 'Any of you boys seen Curley'
      • 'Any of you boys seen Curley'
    • "Her face was heavily made up'
      • Make-up
        • tart
        • actress
      • Hiding something
        • Scars, bruises
          • Domestic Violence? Curley abusing her
            • Curley was a boxer
        • Blemishes-spots
    • Mans world
      • "She stood still in the doorway"
        • Stays outside
          • Outside = almost neutral territory
            • A place where she can converse.
        • Doesn't enter the room. Doesn't feel safe.
          • Bunkhouse = Mans territory
          • If she entered it be crossing the line, going to a place where shes not welcome, not part of
            • Bunkhouse = Mans territory
          • Easy espace
          • Threat of being out-numbered
      • Metaphors
        • House = safe place for her to be
        • Outside = almost neutral territory
          • A place where she can converse.
    • "and her eyes travelled from one face to another"
      • Gains attention through eye contact
      • Witchcraft?
        • "Lennie looked fascinated"
          • Under her spell.
            • Lennie gets killed because of her.
        • "Candy and Crooks were scowling, down away, from her eyes
          • Safe
    • "They left the weak ones here"
      • Darwin - Natural selection.
      • Sympathetic.
        • Crooks-Black, Crippled
        • Candy-Old, No hand
        • Lennie- Simple
      • Chooses them to pick on
        • She's picked on by Curley
        • Picks on them because their weak.
        • Revenge. Lets out her suffering on those weaker than her.
    • "Ever one of you's scared the rest is going to get something on you"
      • Trust doesn't exist in her society.
        • George doesn't trust Lennie
        • Curley doesn't trust her. Doesn't trust slim with her.
        • She doesn't trust Curley
      • Not afraid to speak the truth.
      • Aware of the society they live in.
    • "Think I like to stick in that house alla time?"
      • Painful Irony
        • Workers dream about what she and Curley have. But the fail to see their fortune.
        • She and Curley fail to empathise.
        • Has a house but doesn't want/ use it. Workers dream about having their own house.




real help ful thank a lot for this :)

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