Curley's Wife

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  • Curley's Wife
    • Disruptive Influence
      • All the men apart from Slim are wary of her, perhaps because she shows them what their own lives lack or maybe they just know they're tempted and they're aware of the consequences - physical (from Curley) ad financial (they'd probably loose their job)
      • She wont leave them alone - she bursts into the bunkhouse all the time and she also intrudes on Crooks, Candy and Lennie when they're in Crook's room
    • Men's Opinions
      • Candy, Crooks and George all see her as dangerous and out of place on the farm, they all call her '********' and a 'ratrap' which turns out to be true in one sense as Lennie is lured by her to his (and her) death
      • Slim seems to enjoy her flirting, she calls him by her name and he calls her 'good-lookin' He seems to be able to handle her - maybe becuase he's not frightened of Curley or maybe just because he's calm
      • Lennie is dazzled by her glamour and soft beauty, she is yet another soft thing he is tempted to touch. It can't be nice for her to be stared at by a random massive ranch hand lime Lennie - 'Lennie's eyes moved down her body, and though she did not seem to be looking at Lennie. she bridled a little'
    • Unhappy after only 2 weeks of marriage
      • She pretends to be looking for Curley but really she's looking for attention off the men and some company
      • She;s bored by Curley's boasts about fighting and doesn't actually believe half of it - certainty not that he broke his hand in a machine as she knows Lennie did it
      • She only married Curley on the rebound from losing her dream
    • Lonely
      • No one seems to love her - Curley's not very affectionate with her
      • She wants some companionship - Think I don't like to talk to somebody ever' once in a while?'
      • She's 'purty' She wears a lot of make-up and is proud of her hair which she used to get attention
      • She's already lost her own dream of getting into the movies or going on stage
    • Not Stupid
      • She is well aware of the power she holds over Curley and Candy and she's only been there for two weeks
      • She says she knows all about men - they're 'mutts' and she knows all about their need for dreams and about their need for drink


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