Curleys wife essay

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  • Curleys wife
    • paragraph 1: doesn't want to be alone
      • I don't like Curley he aint a nice fella
    • Untitled
      • the rectangle of sunlight in the doorway was cut off
    • introduction
      • Curleys wife; the only woman on the ranch, her dreams are shattered as is segregated and alone on the ranch
    • conclusion
      • Curley's wife's obsession with herself ultimately leads to her death. she also wants his attention and praise. It's not a coincidence that that she ends up dying because she didn't want Lennie to mess up her hair: look, and even touch if you want—but don't get too comfortable. She's a tease, leading guys on to make herself feel better. which eventually results in death
    • paragraph 2: dominant
      • you know what I can do to you if you open your trap
    • paragraph 3: ambitious
      • coulda been in the movies an' had nice clothes


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