Curley - Character Revision

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  • Curley
    • Violent
      • Curley wanted to fight the first time he met George and Lennie.
        • "He stiffened and went into a slight crouch."
      • Curley had a fight with Lennie and broke his hand.
        • "No son-of-a***** is gunna laugh at me. I'll show you who's yella."
      • Good at boxing.
        • "He was in 'Golden Gloves'"
          • Boxing competition.
        • "He's very handy. Good at boxing."
    • Bully
      • Because he is the boss' son, he uses the position to force respect unlike Slim who just has it.
        • Secure job.
          • "He won't get canned. He's the son of the boss."
      • Candy tells them he picks on big guys.
        • "He's alla time picking scraps at big guys."
          • foreshadows the future encounter of Curley VS Lennie...
        • As Curley is small, he picks on bigger people for being big.
          • "He hates big guys."
    • Feels he has to assert his masculinity.
      • Doesn't want to be the weakest.
        • Slim and Carlson threaten to tell everyone about how Curley broke his hand. Curley doesn't want to be humiliated that he lost.
          • "I won't tell." said Curley, avoiding to look at Lennie"
      • Often does this through picking fights.
      • Goes to the cathouse.
      • Seemingly likes to show off by the fact he softens his hand for his wife.
        • "that glove's fulla Vaseline."
      • When he finds his dead wife, he concentrates more on seeking revenge on Lennie.
        • "I'll kill the big son-of-a ***** myself."
      • Maybe because his wife's dissatisfactio-n and lack of interest doesn't make him seem big.
      • Marries '****' woman for status and not love.
        • "You seen my wife?"
      • "He wore high-heeled boots."
        • Obviously not a hardworking man to be wearing boots.
    • Domination
      • More about the bullying points above, but Curley represents the abuse of power.
      • Dreams of being the boss and being respected by everybody.


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