Curious Incident

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  • Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night Time
    • Parents and Children
      • Judy cares about Christopher as she initially refuses to move out because of Christopher
      • Despite this, she fails to tell Christopher that she is leaving
        • Which ultimately leads to her "dying"
      • Judy is rather selfish as she would rather leave Christopher to his father, as she will not make the easy trip from London to Swindon
    • Teacher and Pupil
      • Siobhan helps Christopher in becoming the person he is at the end of the novel
        • One way she does this is by helping him write his book
        • She also does this by aiding him to control his fears
      • She is rather selfless as she understands that Christopher is the most important
        • This is done by understanding how important his Maths exam is to him
      • All the things she does for him ultimately boosts his self confidence and helps him to believe in his own ability
    • Husband and Wives
      • There are no healthy relationships that last in this book
      • The Boones relationship ends due to their differences of opinions on how to deal with Christopher
      • Judy and Roger's relationship ends due to the pressure of dealing with Christopher
        • Despite this, they were arguing previous to Christopher arriving; thus showing that it was only due to Christopher


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