PY4 Controversies: Culture bias

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  • Culture bias in psychology
    • 1.CULTURE BIAS= research limited sample, culturally specific. Findings assumed to apply to all C's.
      • Cant make this assumption unless all cultures tested.
        • Created problems for psych research & theory and therefore our understanding of human behav.
      • main factors: Hisorical bias, ethnocentrism and etic/emic approaches to research
        • We can see this in research of social influence, relationships, abnormal psych
    • 2.Historical bias: assumtion that findings n concs apply anywhere in history. Each historical period has its own unique culture influencing behav.
      • solution: replicate in different culture
        • PERRIN & SPENCER: study in 80's found low conformity. Proves Asch to be historically biased.
          • Replications suffer cultural biases of their own
          • Carried out in UK Thatcher prime ministry - heightened individuality
          • Show differences: we are rightly ? ing consistency in behav
          • ETIC APPROACH, beta bias and suffer from ethno/euro
      • ASCH's classic study conluded behaviour in humans highly conformativ
        • PERRIN & SPENCER "child of it's time" during cold war, americans feared accusation of being russian spies thus didnt want to stand out.
          • Thus biased, just Americans at that time conforming
    • 3.Etic app, beta bias & ethno/ eurocentrism
      • ETIC     there are universals in human behav.... underest diffs
        • BETA BIAS all people all cultures same
          • ETHNOCEN assumption own cultural practices normal
            • EUROCEN emph on Euro/ western ideas
      • Probs evident in the understandin of relat and abnormal psych
    • 5.Abnormal
      • Diagnostic proceedures = ETIC APP thus BETA BIAS and EUROCEN
        • RACIAL: COCHRANE ET AL black afro carribean immigrants 7x diag schiz
        • CLASS: BRUCE ET AL higher rates of severe disorders
    • 4.Relationships
      • Ethnocent: most research white british/ US P's
        • KELLEY's Social exch theory
          • MOGADDAM: economic theories reflect INDIVID      society        = own success (relationships profit & loss) COLLECT society        = group sucess (profit and loss less important)
    • 6.Overcoming culture bias
      • represent samples
      • Use EMIC approach (cross cultural)
      • Etic app = attemp understand cultures as OUTSIDER
        • INDIGENOUS PSYCHS overcome this ie carrying out research in own culture
          • LANGUAGE PROBS :translation is subjective
          • REDUCTIVE cultures vary in coll/ ind even within cultures
          • ALPHA BIAS:  overest diffs
        • SD BIAS
    • 7.Conclusion
      • ETIC
        • culture bias
          • whilst trying to avioid BETA
            • too EMIC and therefore ALPHA


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