culture and socialisation

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  • culture and socialisation
    • Functionalists: the individual is a product of society
      • Durkheim called the norms and values that hold society together the collective consensus of society
      • socitey is made up of many institutions which all have a function that help society to run smoothely
    • Marxists believe that the economic system (infrastructure) of a society determined the beliefs and values of the society (superstructure)
      • most important force in society is class conflict.
      • people are socialised intoculture based on their social class.
        • people's identity depends on theirclass position in the capitalist system.
    • Interactionists believe that the individuals actions are most important.
      • These theories start with the idea that all individuals interpret society around them
      • culture comes from people's own ideas of how people interact with each other.
      • we all have free will and make our own choices.
        • some women choose to work outside the home
    • The Labelling theory says that we are given labels which affect our behavior.
      • an example of the labelling theory would be the self-fulfilling prophecy of education failure
        • a child is labelled as a bad student and actually becomes a bad student
      • the labelling theory is a form of interpretivism


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