culture and relatinships

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  • culture and relationships A02/3
    • love marital satisfactionnon voluntary relationships also characterised by love, low divorce rates. Myers et al, move away from arranged marriages in China , only 10% arranged  1990's assoc with higher marital satisfaction  Xiaothe women in Chendu married for love felt better about marriages cf arranged marriages
    • non voluntary relationships may produce more compatible partners in long term, blinded by love , incompatibilitycf Xiaohe Chinese study, Chindu women
    • change from permanent to non permanent relationships linked to urbanisation/ mobility in Western culture not cultural differences
    • IDA Pinker  human universal =love = evolutionary adaptation long term relationships = lower  mortality rates, increased happiness supported by evidence romantic love = universal 90% of non western cultures 166 cultures studied Fischer et al
    • Methodological problems cultural bias in research> internal validity prob > reliability prob >
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    • IDA      cultural bias in representation of romantic love to UK young people. US idealised films romantic comedies, perfect relationships> problems of marital dissatisfaction later love and commitment first meet Holmes showed range 40 films , questionnaires if US romance films reflect beliefs/expectations


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