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    • Culture = the values, norms and customs of a society
      • Culture is a word that describes a way of life.
        • Some cultures have norms that are very different to what we are familiar with
          • These difference often make other cultures seem strange, but this is because their norms and values are different to ours.
    • Subculture = a culture within a culture with some different values and norms, such as: ways of dressing
      • In Multi-cultural Britain there are many examples of subcultures with their own particular values and norms that give them a distinct character
    • Multi-cultural = a society in which there are a number of different cultures often linked to ethnicities
    • Socially constructed = made by society
    • Sociologists are interested in culture because it separates humans from wild creatures
    • Humans need to learn how to behave, they are not born knowing how to walk, how to eat etc..
      • These skills are learnt,, but the precise nature of the skills can vary from one society to another.
    • Cultural Diversity = differences in culture around the world.
      • Cultural Diversity & Cultural Identity can be demonstrated through language, clothing or symbols.
        • These characteristics of culture are often most evident in National events such as the Olympics or the Football or Rugby World Cups.
          • At such events cultural symbols such as flags or national dress are evident as a sign of shared identity
      • Women = Shave their heads and don't wear jewellery
      • Men = Wear ornaments and curl their hair
      • Their culture is 'socially constructed' = made by the society and people in it, and passed on from one generation to the next (through the process of socialisation)


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