Culture Quotes

Quotations and their analysis on the theme of culture in the Victorian era for use in the context part of the exam.

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    • PROSE
      • Ruskin, ‘Fiction, Fair and Foul’
        • “Summer and winter are only alternatives of heat and cold” 
          • Industry has made nature lose its beauty and inspirational value (hyperbole)
        • “In the “Modern city… the sense of art is forbidden forever” 
          • Alliteration emphasising the continuity of the split between nature (inspiration) and the city
      • The Picture of Dorian Gray (end of era)
        • Sybil calls Dorian "Prince Charming"
          • In contrast to his amorality representing the falseness of Victorian society and culture
        • "An artist should create beautiful things"
          • Art contributes nothing but beauty, shallowness of Victorian culture
    • PLAY
      • AWoNI
        • Hester:  ‘your English society seems to me shallow, selfish, foolish’  
          • American perspective, sibilance
        • Lady Caroline: ‘one never met anyone in society who worked for their living.’  
          • Double standard of class, working class inferior because they must work
    • POETRY
      • Tennyson, 'The Lady of Shalott'
        • "Shadows of the world appear"
          • Sees the world only through shadows on her mirror similar to how Victorian women look to their husbands to experience (symbolic / metaphor) 
        • “‘The curse is come upon me!’”
          • Breaks the mirror (symbolic -          of women breaking free of their stereotypical confinement and transgressing their natural place) she is punished = fallen women
        • “Tis the fairy / Lady of Shallot” 
          • trapped in another world (entrapment of Victorian women)
          • Idealised as a 'fairy' by the lower classes


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