CULTURE~ key concepts/theories/studies

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  • CULTURE; concepts + studies
    • WILLIAMS (1913): culture used to describe way of life
    • MARGARET MEAD (1935): tribal cultures gender roles/arapesh, mundugumor + chambri/ m+f roles switched
      • The Hamar Tribe/Ethiopia/Culture rich in rituals + ceremonies/adulthood ceremony for men/women whip themselves to show devotion to men/Hamar men jump over cattle
    • norms + values
      • Cultural diversity/Intercultural + Intracultural diversity
        • Subculture (eg. goths/emos)
    • Cultural Hybridity
    • x4 types
      • HIGH: Shakespeare's plays, opera, ballet, etc
      • POPULAR: cinema, tabloid newspapers, watching tv, magazines
        • BORDIEU: Distinction between high + pop culture lies in power of those who access them
      • CONSUMER: conspicuous consumption/gain status with branded goods/construct identity
        • "mass culture"= negative term/dumbing us down (marxist view)
        • shopping= leisure
      • GLOBAL: cultural products becoming universal
        • MCLUHAN GLOBAL VILLAGE (1964)//world becoming smaller place
          • negative process= national cultures lose distinctiveness
            • results in cultural defense
        • McDonalds/Microsoft/Nike= even in remote parts of world
        • Mcdonaldisation
    • 'deviance' of a culture


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