Culture Bias

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  • Culture Bias
    • Key Terms
      • Culture
        • The values, beliefs and patterns of behaviour shared by a group of people
      • Culture Bias
        • The tendancy to judge people in terms of one's own cultural assumptions
      • Alpha Bias
        • When a theory assumes that cultural groups are profoundly different
      • Beta Bias
        • When cultural differences are ignored and they are assumed to be the same resulting in incorrect universal conclusions
      • Ethnocentrism
        • Seeing the world from only 1 cultural perspective and believing that 1 perspective to be correct
      • Cultural Relativism
        • Insists that behaviour can only be understood if cultural context is considered
      • Universality
        • When a theory can be applied to all people
    • Ethnocentrism eg.
      • Ainsworth's Strange situation was ethnocentric as all of the children were American and there is in fact different results for other countries
    • Cultural relativism eg.
      • Sternberg(1985) said that coordination may be more important in a less developed and literate society
        • Therefore this difference must be understood when conducting research into intelligence
    • Culturally biased research can amplify and validate damaging stereotypes such as the US army using an IQ favoured to white men and having a negative effect on the attitudes of the Afircan-Americans
    • International psychology conferences are held and reduce ethnocentrism through the exchange of ideas


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