Culture Sociology

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  • Culture
    • Subculture
      • A culture within a culture (groups in sixth form, what labels you)
        • Emos, Posh people. Chavs
          • Youth Subcultures create there own dress, style and music taste. Make there own identity. Seen as divient, hang around street corners.
    • High Culture
      • Cultural products and activities that are seen to have a high status. (art museums, ballet and theatres)
        • Cultural capital- Having the appropriate norms and values enjoying a particular form of high culture leads to finical rewards and social mobility.
        • Social Mobility- A chance to improve your social positions to move up or down in status.
    • Popular Culture
      • Cultural products and activity's that are enjoyed by the majority of the population (frozen, Beyonce and McDonald)
        • Mass Culture- from of culture is a simple or less sophisticated version of culture. Mass media has spread- forms of media and consumer items widespread.
    • Global Culture
      • Growing trend of cultural products and activities becoming 'universal' (Chinese man eating McDonald)
        • Globalisation- The wider process leading to global culture, which can be defined as the compression of time and space.
        • Arguments for spread of western culture- Increase communication throughout the globalisation has lead to protection and strengthened traditional cultures. Brings profit and improvements.
    • Consumer Culture
      • Emphasis is placed on the consumption of goods and services (adverts for new cars and change of adverts for public viewing)
    • Norms and Values that appear in all cultures
      • Behaviour- everyone has there own norms and values n how to behave in there cultures.
      • Some form of clothing-Muslims dress different to the typical British clothing.
    • 'Culture can vary within and between societies'
      • This means that one society can contain numerous cultures. This is because groups of people have different norms and values this shapes culture. Cultures within society.
    • Cultural Differences
      • The Na
        • Religion is taking serious. They dress is brightly coloured dressed with lowers and pleated skirts. men and women can have a rang of lovers no incest though. Cash is now being used. they speak a Na language and have a balanced diet on smoked and salted meat.
      • The San
        • Sharing is very important. Simple but effective clothing. They are all seen as equal and make decisions as group, share responsibility. Most complex language (Khoisan). They eat what is according to the season.
      • Papua New Guinea
        • Have little contact with other societies. Families have connection to reduce conflict. They all have there own dress which they make up. Marriage plays an important role, do not have a cash economy. Over 850 languages. They grow there own food and keep cattle.


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