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  • Cultural/Class Factors (External)
    • Hyman 1967 the values of the lower classes create a self impose barrier to learning.
      • Low Value on education
      • 'Play safe' Culture -no risks or investments
      • Low Self Beleif
    • Sugarman 1970 studied the way that manual/non manual work affects attitudes to wards learing
        • Fatalistic- whatever will be will be
        • Immediate gratification- pleasure now rather than later
        • Present Orrientation- Only worried about now
        • Collectivism
        • Control
        • Deffered gratification
        • Future orientation
        • Individualistic
      • Working class children tend to 'live for today; with a 'carefree attitude' they have no carrer plan and give up opting for easiest route
    • FEINSTEIN 2003 - Parental Suppourt &education
      • NAtional Child Development Study
      • nurseary improved acheivement
      • Financal deprivation, little effect
      • parental interest had an affect
      • Achievement depends on extent that parents encourgrd & suppourted their children
      • Helps or damaghes childs thinking due to language used in homes
      • Education and teachers operate with a middle class bias
      • Bernstein 1972- language is linked to developing, understanding and thinking
          • Short hand speach
          • Short Simple Sentences
          • Assumed element to it
          • Meanings implicit
          • Depends on gestures & expression
          • Working class families are based upon relationships that are hierachal
            • No negotiation over decisions
            • no discussion or elaborate dialougue
          • Detailed
          • Explanatory
          • Illustrative
          • Meanings are explicit
          • think at deeper level
          • abstract thinking
          • greater explanations & analysis
          • Middle Class families have rigid relationships and are entited to thir say, share decision making
        • Troyna & Williams
          • Shcools attitude is a t fault -language hieracy
      • Troyna & Williams
        • Shcools attitude is a t fault -language hieracy
      • Pierre Bourdieu
        • Middle class children with cultural capital are better equiped to meet demands of school
        • Wealthy Children send their children to private shcool
        • SOCIAL REPRODUCTION- schools reproduce social inequality, sucsess and failure is legitimated by social hierachy
        • SOCIAL FUNCTION OF ELIMINATION-working class exam failure, self elimination choose to drop out and see unfair system
        • CULTURAL REPRODUCTION- School reproduce dominent class, the powerful impose their definition of reality on others
        • CULTURAL CAPITAL- knowledge, attitudes,values,language, tastes and abilities of the middle class
        • ECONOMIC&EDUCATIONAL CAPITAL- qualifications
      • KEDDIE
        • cultural deprivation is a myth and is a victum blaming theory
        • Children can not be deprived of own culture
        • Working class is just culturally different


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