Cultural deprivation theory and education

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  • Cultural deprivation theory
    • this is a home based factor which can influence a childs educational success
    • It suggests that working class children fail because of the cultural values into which they have been socialised.
      • A fatalistic attitude
      • a need for immediate rather than deferred gratification
      • boys like thrills and excitement which can get them into trouble
      • there is little value put on education by their parents
      • there is an absence of role models in their family and their community
    • Shropshire and Middleton (1999) suggested that children become aware of their familys financial probelms at a young age and scale down their hopes and aspirations for the future
      • they are then more likely to want jobs requiring fewer qualifications and less likely to aspire a professional career.
    • a criticism is that differences between middle class and working class do not necessarily show that the latter indicates deprivation
      • this assumption that aspects of the working class are negative is made by middle class academics and researchers.


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