Cultural Deprivation

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  • Cultural Deprivation
    • Lack of cultural captial
    • Working class children may not perform as well at school because they lack educability and are not able to manipulate the education system as well as the middle-class.
    • 1. Intellectual development - thinking and reasoning skills and ability to solve problems
      • Douglas Young- working class homes often lack books, educational toys and activities to stimulate intellectual development
      • Middle-class parents are more likely to read to their children and choose toys that encourage these skills to prepare them for school
    • 2. Language- how you speak affects how you learn - speech code
      • Bernstein- Restricted code- short hand speech in whch meanings are not made explicit - working class- less likely to need to write reports in manual jobs- disadvantage at school
      • Elaborated code- meanings are explicit, sentences tend to be longer and more complicated - middle-class - advantage at school- greater requirement to produce documents- exam success
    • 3. Attitudes and values- Hyman and Sugarman and Bourdieu
      • Working-class place less value on education and are less ambitious -parents have less interest- subcultural values and habitus
      • Hyman- self-imposed barrier, Sugarman- 4 features act as a barrier: Fatalism, Collectivism, Immediate gratification and present-time orientation


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